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I’m not really back, but i thought I’d ask here in case someone can help me. I’m trying to delete CC from in game (CAS Stuff at the moment) In the past, deleting things in game has resulted in the file actually being deleted from the computer, but the last few times I’ve tried the game hasn’t actually gotten rid of it. I hit delete and it disappears, but the file is still there. When I load my game next its back…. I’m at a loss. Anybody got any ideas? 

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Vambric [day 53, 54]


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Rancher [day 53, 54]


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I love the theory behind traits. It does seem to be a much more natural way to describe a personality. Unfortunately, just because it seems right, it does not make it so. Traits suffer from a deep and fatal flaw: they are binary. In the sims you either have a trait or you don’t.

So whats the problem with that? In theory personality should affect every choice that you make. With a list of binary traits, however, the program is reduced to asking, “do they have this trait? No. Do they have this trait? No…”

A trait may end up affecting only a handful of actions, not much mileage for something that is supposed to be fifth of your personality. This is why traits feel flimsy and characters defined only by traits feel less fleshed out. Until a sim blunders into a situation in which their traits matter, they are functionally identical to a sim with no defining characteristics whatsoever.

In theory this could be overcome by brute force coding… every single action could check for traits and every single base game trait could be given equal weight… but it would never be elegant. When things are not elegant, their execution bogs down the game. Then there are the expansions, which will inevitably bring new traits. It is beyond unlikely that they can be integrated with the necessary finesse. And cross expansion integration? Don’t make me laugh.

There is a crucial element missing in traits: consistency. The beauty of the TS1/TS2 system is that all sims have a framework on which the engine can draw to define behavior. How neat is this sim? a value between 0 and 10. Okay, how social? a value between 0 and 10. Because the game can rely on each sim to have unique values, it can create meaningful variation in the simulation.

Next week: An underlying structure for personality.

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Olivia Calico’s (soon to be Vambric) master bedroom and bath.

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Hardgrave Apartment [day 52]

This is most of the upstairs (there is also a teeny impossible-to-photograph half bath) adult living spaces, while the downstairs will be the kid’s hangout. At least it will be once they have a bit more money to decorate with. Still needs more clutter, though.

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Culinary Adventures at the School of Cookery [day 51]


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Hardgrave [day 52, 53]

Twins, again. Age ups. Captions.

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This was coming. I was in denial about it for months, but I’ve needed to step away from the sims for a while now. Truth is, I can’t do anything casually. So, when I play the sims it becomes all I do. It’s causing problems in my personal life and I can’t pretend anymore. 

I’m not going cold turkey… but as of this evening I will be transferring my .exe to a thumb drive and handing it to someone else for safe keeping. I’ll be trying to finish up some CC projects before I officially exit stage left, but I no longer have access to the game itself.

I’ll be around for a while longer (I have two weeks worth of queued posts) and I’ll probably start some sort of side blog where I can post about whatever I become obsessed with next. I also have a few small finished sims CC things that I’d love to post if someone is willing to take pictures for me. 

I’m devastated to be leaving. I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself.

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alle-sims replied to your post “It’s official. I have hood corruption.”

Oh no! ;_;

housewitch replied to your post “It’s official. I have hood corruption.”

At least it is still in the stage that it can load so you can save your beautiful lots! It sucks when it is so corrupt that you can’t load anything at all.

strangetomato replied to your post “It’s official. I have hood corruption.”

That’s too bad, but at least you know now and the ability to package lots and extract sims, etc.

There is a pretty huge silver lining here. The hood for all intents and purposes works fine, if it weren’t for the carnage I saw in simsPE today I could j st go on believing the duplicates showing up on lots were not that big a deal. I’ll save the lots and keep playing the  hood while I set up the assets for the new one…. Its just gonna be hard to let these sims go, and it takes so long to get really invested in the new hood.

Maybe the biggest issue is that I was already teetering on the edge of a hiatus, and now this…. I might just end up not playing for while.:/ 

Not sure, not sure, not sure. Does anyone know how long a hood lasts after characters start duplicating themselves? Or what might cause the whole hood to clone itself like that?

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Gah, sorry to hear that! What a pain! How did your hood stop working? I don’t think I’ve never had that problem before, but I should probably know what to avoid in advance.

I’m not 100% sure of the exact cause. I know I accidentally moved an occupied lot to the lot bin. I also did at least one other thing that, while not a known source of corruption, is suspect.

It’s not affecting game play tooooo much yet. I discovered it when I needed to change some last names in Sims PE today. The majority of my playables have duplicate character files. I’m not sure how big of a problem that even is… but it can’t be good. I do have a relatively recent backup, but part of me would rather just start fresh. 

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Which is a total bummer because this is the first time I’ve managed to get to generation 4 in a hood with rotations. I’m bummed, but I knew this was coming.

I suppose I need to decide exactly how to move forward. The hood is playable for the moment, but now that I know I just can’t be as attached. 

I guess I need to make a list of all the things to do before I start fresh… new skins? hair switch? definitely exporting all my lots,  and there is choosing a terrain, making certain all my empty templates are in order….  sigh. 

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Rancher/Astapor [day 51, 52]

This has been so long in coming. I’d given up. I don’t even know if I’m happy for them, but here it is anyway.Captions.

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didilysims replied to your photoset “Astapor [day 49, 50, 51, 52] Two rotations worth of the Astapor boys….”

I kinda like Gaius without hair. Not as much, but he doesn’t look too bad.

Yeah, it’s growing on me, too. I still really hate Fabian’s lack of hair, though. Thing is, Fabian has a knack for flubbing things, so his experiment in military life may not last long. I’ve got my fingers crossed.

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